The Miggi tries to reduce waste, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Some of the ways we’re doing this include:

  • Providing plastic-free, vegan, natural, cruelty-free toiletries made by a Devon-based company, supplied in a reusable tin
  • You will find lidded bins in your room and bathroom for non-recyclable waste, a caddy for compostable waste such as tea-bags, and a waste basket for recycleables.
  • Avoiding single-use plastic pots for jams and spreads
  • Using cloth napkins
  • Recycling waste (includes food waste in the kitchen)
  • Buying recycled paper products (e.g. toilet paper)
  • Buying cruelty-free, vegan cleaning products
  • Upcycling used furniture and frames
  • Fitting sensor-triggered lighting in hallways and landings