The Miggi tries to reduce waste, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Some of the ways we’re doing this include:

  • Guests are given a pack of local-made, natural, plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free toiletries in a reusable tin.
  • Guest rooms are also equipped with vegan, cruelty-free liquid handwash in a reuasble dispenser which is replenished from large bottles to minimise waste.
  • You will find a caddy by your room kettle for compostables such as tea bags, a lidded bin for non-recyclable waste, and a waste basket for recycleables.
  • We do not use single-use plastic pots for jams and spreads.
  • We use cloth napkins.
  • We recycle and compost (includes food waste in the kitchen).
  • We buy recycled paper products (e.g. toilet paper).
  • We buy cruelty-free, vegan cleaning products.
  • We buy from small independent businesses where possible, and encourage guests to visit and support local independent businesses.
  • We upcycle furniture and frames, often bought from local charity shops.
  • We have fitted low-energy lightbulbs and sensor-triggered lighting in hallways and landings.
  • Our electricity supplier is 100% renewable.