About The Miggi

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when Naomi was a very small human, so young that she was just starting to explore the world and learning to talk, she invented a word. The word was “miggi”.

Naomi used “miggi” whenever she encountered something that wasn’t yet in her growing vocabulary. If little Naomi didn’t know the right term for something new, unfamiliar, or different, it was a “miggi”.

Mum and Dad understood the meaning of “miggi” and decided it was a good word to describe their daughter – different, new, and difficult to label – and somehow Miggi stuck as a nickname within the little family.

When Naomi was 16, she and Mark started to go out together. Mark heard her parents use the nickname and started using it too. They got married when Naomi was 18.

It was a time before broadband in every street, before it was normal to have an internet connection at home, but Naomi and Mark had a dial-up internet connection and “miggi” became a shared online persona.

At the same time (early 1990s) Mark and Naomi got involved with animal rights and became vegan.

More than thirty years later, Naomi and Mark feel the name Miggi is perfect for this new venture because it is something different and new – not just a vegan B&B or guesthouse but a wider offer, and with creative homemade themed rooms rather than bland beige or pastel décor – it is something that there isn’t yet a label to define …

… it is a Miggi!